Daniel Myer has changed the name of this project not one, but two times (first Cleen, then Cleaner, and now Clear Vision). This album has been delayed again and again, as well as Daniel Myer's latest Haujobb album, which probably has messed things up a bit. Daniel Myer has also been seen to sell parts of his equipment on Ebay, to make some money.
After hearing only good buzz surrounding this record, I thought this might be Daniel's tour de force, but sadly this is not true. This is Daniel solo, except for some vocals by Beborn Beton's Stefan Netschio. It shows in the fact that no one seems to have given feedback on these tracks. The melodies here are weirder and quirkier than ever, and the harmonies often sounds at odds to each other, leaving a very disjointed and unstructured impression.
I've been bitching about Daniel's vocals before, and will not stop now. How did he sound so damn good on the early Haujobb albums? His new-found talent for singing out of tune is evident throughout, except the songs where Stefan sings. Which aren't that good either.
Daniel sure seems to have had fun though, cramming in every electronic genre in existence, such as industrial, synthpop, power noise, EBM and god knows all. He also makes a cover of Dead Can Dance's "American Dreaming", containing samples of the original on top of hard beats and without the great original vocals.
Another song is made entirely out of samples taken from "Stronger" by Britney Spears, which is a very good idea, although it didn't result in a good track. A lot of anger seems to have crept into his mind too, as some songs are furious, especially lyricwise. The opening lines of "Fucker" go like this: "I'm gonna kick your ass / I'm gonna rip your face".
The music is mostly straight forward, and contains none of the sophistication of for example Haujobb, with all its little intricacies and details. The only song to inspire repeated listening is "Pillowtalk", which is an infectious and blippy little piece, although also very angry.
I really wanted this album to be good, and I know Daniel can do much better than this. I'm very disappointed, but I'm still very much looking forward to his instrumental projects, Architect and S'Apex, that will hopefully release new albums later this year. Then maybe we can forget this little misstep.