This is the first ever remix output from Clan of Xymox, except for the one Xymox did in 1994. That one was quite excellent and thoroughly dismissed by Ronny Moorings these days. All tracks remixed are taken from their previous studio album "Notes from the Underground".
It contains some excellent mixes with Iris doing quite a poppy version of "Anguish" and Clan signees Sophya truly making "Into Her Web" their own. Boudoir, In Strict Confidence and Cut.Rate.Box all provide their own brand of production and imagination to their versions of Clan songs but it ends there.
Perfidous Words really makes me take notice as they appear to have sampled "Angel" by Massive Attack, slowed it down and then tinkered with the timbre and pitch of Massive Attack's slow burner. Nice work if this is indeed what you did, gents.
The other mixes are truly the definition of agonizing to listen to, Front 242 being the most egregious offender of the bunch. All that 242 have done is meld a couple break beat loops over some odd sounds in the background. They then leave a few elements of the original track "Anguish" in the mix to identify it. It is clearly one of those mixes designed to make a person sit back and say "wow, I don't even recognize it as Front 242". You don't fool me with your desperation. Talk about uninspired.
Beborn Beton, Angels and Agony and Assemblage 23 really ought to think the next time they decide to do a remix for a band. All of the original quirks which make their COX songs unique have been ironed out into mindless dance floor fodder; ironically the exact reason why Ronny Moorings terminated Xymox, he had no further use for "dance" music. Aiboforcen almost take Front 242's title of lackluster remix but are saved with a few interesting programming deviations. By a hair, my friends.
What is truly astounding is to listen to so many of the bands who proudly stay in the goth/industrial/future pop camp - they attempt to integrate drum'n'bass into their remixes, as if they're clever for doing it. They fare beyond hopelessly with their attempts. As a person who loves drum'n'bass, I was offended to the point of violence by the sacrilege they perpetrate upon this style of music. Knock it off. And just because it's a remix doesn't mean it has to be seven or eight minutes long!
Moorings gets all my respect for doing this. It takes a brave man to place his work in the hands of so many. It is just unfortunate that some of the big names who remix him do so horribly with his inspired songs.