First of all, let me say that I have waited for this album since I watched the first show with Arvid back in December 2007. I had very high expectations on this album after his two tremendous singles. Was I disappointed? Not a bit.

This is a solo project of Arvid who after playing in various bands decided to start writing songs in Swedish instead of English. The influences are bands like A-ha, New Order and a band that the Swedish crowd will identify with: Ratata. Not since Ratata have I heard someone combine synthpop with such amazing lyrics on broken love and heartache. The texts are simple, a bit cute and perhaps most of all honest. The sounds are elegant, catchy and take just the right amount of place in relation to the vocals.

It’s hard to pick out favorites, but “När du går” still amazes me with its laid back hit feeling. I also really enjoy “Du vet jag vill” with a sound that go straight into my nerves and force me to enjoy it with a stupid smile on my face. In total this album is close, I mean really close, to a ten. There are parts of the album where there are too many things to focus on and this disturbs the almost perfect formula. But every time I hear this album, I want more and constantly hit that play button just one more time.

With 12 tracks and just over 33 minutes this is a brilliant injection of pop wonder and I can’t believe that it’s Arvid's first album. A perfect blend of short, memorable tracks just like they where made in the 80:s but with a modern feeling. Arvid could go far, very far, and "Andetag" is a future classic.